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Skaters of Color

Evan Scott

Fort Collins opened its doors to Evan almost 20 years ago and instantly felt like the home he’d been searching for, and skateboarding has paved a path for him that started when he was 3½ years old and continues to shape his attitudes to this day. Through the mural, he would like to honor these communities that embraced him with open arms. Both helped teach him that everyone’s normal is different, but we all seem to have something in common. This abstract hodgepodge of gesture drawings is an homage to those that inspired and reminded him to continue the road less traveled.

Although not a traditionally trained artist, Evan Scott has found that he is creative at his core and the medium is immaterial. He is heavily influenced by the cartoonish freedom of skateboard graphics as well as the bold lines and brilliant colors of graffiti. It has taken time to admit that he is an artist, but he believes that everyone is an artist in their own right. If you don’t feel like you fit inside the box then just decorate the outside.