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Seeking Adventure

Courtney Dore

Courtney's design, Seeking Adventure, was inspired by “Seek and Find” children’s books (like Where’s Waldo) in which the design of the image intrigues the viewer to look closely and find particular characters and elements within the design. The characters, landscapes and objects depicted are inspired by a beloved hobby of hers, which is playing Dungeons and Dragons -- a roleplaying game where you can get together with a group of friends and pretend to be a character within an interactive story. 

The sides of the mural feature up-close portraits of characters found on the front and back that viewers can find, just like a “Seek and Find” children's book. The characters are silly and cute, each displaying their personalities and giving hints to their locations on the front and back side of the piano.

The top panel shows a map that includes the areas found on the front and back side of the piano, another tie into fantasy role-playing games where players explore environments and see enlarged maps of places their characters have been within the imaginary world.

Courtney Dore is a Fort Collins based artist who runs a small art business from her home. Her work is inspired by nature, graphic novels, children's illustration, and tabletop role playing games. Through bold shapes, seamless line art and selective color pallets, her work is focused on creating engaging works of art that tell a story and bring the viewer joy. Her background in Art Education informs the childlike wonder and visual simplicity in her work.