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Sanando Flores: Healing Flower

Carolyn Braaksma
Senior Center

Art in Public Places artist Carolyn Braaksma created a metal (aluminum) art screen for the lobby of the
Senior Center that depicts botanical images. The images include birds and Colorado indigenous plants.
This artwork is a major focal point in the main lobby of the Senior Center and defines the entry
point between the paid entrance areas and the free area open to the community. The rendering of the plants and flowers are simplified, stylized, and laser cut, enabling the viewer to see through the screen. The art screen is designed to fit the space and is attached to the wall on one side. The other side creates the entry into the paid areas of the facility.

Carolyn Braaksma created a unique form liner for the short concrete seat wall that defines the outside patio space near the new multi,-purpose building addition.The form liner image depicts a “Bugs and a Brushes" pattern. This relief image is used on both sides of
the wall.