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Tim Upham , Todd Kundla
Timberline and Prospect Silos- Located on the SW corner of the Timberline and Prospect intersection

Todd Kundla and Tim Upham, two Fort Collins artists, designed an artwork adjacent to the silos near the intersection of Timberline and Prospect Roads. Cascading from the top of one of the remaining three historic silos, this sculpture, entitled Ringfall captures a sense of movement and change.  The 50-foot tall sculptural piece serves as a monument to the two historic silos that once stood on this site.

 The giant rings of the sculpture serve as a symbolic marker and pay tribute to the agriculture that once dominated the local landscape. The 18’diameter of the rings is the same as the diameter of the silo, offering the observer an appreciation of their size.  The lower two rings of the sculpture wrap around the sidewalk below, creating an archway for pedestrians and cyclists.  This unique element gives the passerby the opportunity to travel through and interact with a portal that portrays the scale of the silo rings.  The public can view the original two silos from this site at Twin Silo Park in southeast Fort Collins.