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Primrose Studio Project

Barb McKee
4101 Michaud Ln

In 2001, the late Rob and Dorothy Udall donated Primrose Studio and surrounding land to the Fort Collins Natural Areas Program. Mrs. Udall used the structure as an art studio, creating original silkscreened textiles. The land and studio was incorporated into the Reservoir Ridge Natural Area. The studio was renovated and is now used as a group meeting space. Art in Public Places artist Barb McKee, of Surface Strategy, Inc., was brought into the project to create a contemporary artistic interpretation of the structure?s former life.

McKee stained wooden cabinet, closet, and lavatory doors throughout the interior. The artist said of her work at Primrose Studio: "My artwork at the site is influenced by the collaborative work between Rob and Dorothy Udall; a series of compositions that represent native plants common to this area. Specifically, I have chosen images in high contrasting colors, depicting native grasses that grow outside the studio. Cropping and enlarging certain sections, I was able to create new compositions. Additionally, I was influenced by colors found in Dorothy Udall's commercial African textile line. The colorful arrangement of these native grasses will contrast with the actual color of the plants, yet will bring a certain color scheme to the interior space that is reminiscent of Dorothy's work."