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Piano Forte

Jane Glotzer

Piano Forte is Jane Glotzer's second mural for Pianos About Town. It is a bold, brightly colored design with an abstract composition of universally recognized signs, a contemporary version of hieroglyphics. 

Glotzer is a contemporary mosaic artist, works exclusively with reclaimed materials. Her award-winning artwork has been exhibited online, nationally and across the Colorado front range. Dedication to reducing waste and consumption and creating art from the used, but not used up, has been Jane’s primary focus for twenty years. Salvaging and working with discarded castoffs her art is often whimsical in appearance, but always thoughtful in its environmental message. Jane regularly donates her art to charities including Children’s Hospital, Boulder County Aids Project, Denver Youth Artists Orchestra, among many others, and has been commissioned for an assortment of public and private projects. Jane also creates artwork with lettering, watercolors, pen, pencil, and paint.