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Neo-Music Box

Faith Johnson

Faith Johnson's Neo-Music Box is painted to resemble a gilded jade-encrusted relic. Her design is inspired by a pre-technological world of natural beauty. By utilizing her art as a cultural tool to lift the voices of those that have been silenced and unacknowledged; her mural is a metaphor for freedom, finding wealth within what we practice, and reform within creativity. The movement of Art Nouveau translates to “New Art,” and as the city expands, she feels we have the opportunity to paint a new future. A future for those from divergent backgrounds, to gain success, home, and acceptance within ourselves and our cultural network.

Faith was born in Fort Collins, CO. Having grown up with both parents as artists -- she, too, is carrying on their legacy. Throughout her life, Faith has always been fascinated by the details of her surroundings and how the world transmutes its beauty through function. Naturally, she was drawn to illustration. The interest was cultivated during her adolescent years and further developed when she began to paint murals for her community. As of 2021, she has begun sculpting and upcycling furniture that can be seen at Wolverine Public House, Lyric Cinema, or your future living room.