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Musical Ebb and Flow

Elena Pires

My concept generally embodies the sea, in particular its relation to music. Like music, the sea is both dynamic and tranquil, colorful, and full of life. Both have the ability to transport us: the sea can physically take us on voyages, while music can expressively move our thoughts, feelings, and fantasies. Regarding the art of my design, each panel’s goal is to illustrate sea features, such as waves, animals, and coral. The colors are meant to be vibrant and lively, just as music often is. On the back panel, the mermaid, as a mythological creature of the sea, symbolizes how the sea and music provoke our imaginations and fantasies. Each panel also displays musical symbols and notes integrated into the art, to further highlight the connection between music and the sea: the top panel’s waves include piano keys, and most of the other panels depict common musical notes.