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Music Moves Us

Amelia Furman

Music has always been a part of Amelia Furman's life and plays very directly into her mixed media work. Whether it is the lyrics that is written and collaged into her paintings, sheet music that becomes collage or even just songs that inspire an entire work of art on their own.  The concept of her Music Moves Us mural is bringing music and visual art together. 

She is incorporating the artwork of children, created as they paint to piano music of various kinds. During this time, piano music of all kinds (jazz, classical, rock, and more) was played for them to hear.  She encouraged them to paint in response to the music. These paintings were collected and scanned/cropped/printed using archival ink to be collaged onto the piano.  Another elements of collage includes sheet music from Amelia's library of collage materials.

For the last ten years, Amelia Furman has been working with paper collage and oil paint to create multi-layered, narrative landscape paintings. With a Bachelors in Painting, Printmaking, and Illustration, this mixed media approach suits her well as it allows her to share her understanding of life as multi-faceted and full of surprises. Amelia was named Larimer County’s Artist of the year in 2018 and has her work in many private and corporate collections throughout the country. While her first love is landscape, Amelia has started to broaden her subject matter for recent collaborative, community-based art projects that invites the others to come on her journey of creation.