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Linden Street Pavers

Susan K. Dailey
Linden between Jefferson and Willow

To acknowledge and honor the role in Fort Collins history that the Linden and Willow Street area has played, this project aimed to highlight the historical significance of Fort Collins and the surrounding area. Stone pavers were sand-blasted to create images of historical times in Fort Collins. Twelve 24x24 inch pavers were installed along Linden Street, chronologically exploring the city’s exciting history. This project is continued with the addition of historical pavers by Susan K. Dailey on Willow Street, between Linden Street and the Northside Aztlan Community Center.

The scenes and their corresponding descriptions were thoroughly researched and cross-checked by local historians to achieve highest accuracy. Many of the pavers’ images were based on actual historic photos, while others are more symbolic. The majority of the photo resources and information came from the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery historical archives.