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Life is Good in the Alpine

Kaley Alie

Life is Good in the Alpine is inspired by Kaley Alie's love for the crisp mountain air and wildlife that lies above the tree line. Kaley's many hiking and backpacking adventures into the alpine have led her to believe that it is one of the most beautiful, peaceful, wild, and inspiring environments.

It is a place that  has the ability to ground her in life and evoke pure joy. It is the streams that cascade through wildflower filled meadows, the moose that munches on the willows, the chirps of the pika, the eagles that soar along the ridge line, and the vast sea of stars that appear at night that all make the alpine a very special place.

While it is not easy to reach, she hopes her mural may help other see and feel a little bit of the joy it has brought her. She hopes the design may spark conversation among views of adventure, wild places, or even wildlife encounters they have had. She hopes this lighthearted scene opens eyes and hearts to the wonderful place that is alpine. 

Kaley is a 4th generation Colorado native who grew up above 9,000-feet in the heart of the mountains. Balancing outdoor adventure and colorful art is her lifestyle, and it’s no surprise when she hauls her painting supplies on a backpacking trip. 

She is a believer in art that will make you smile. Unexpected colors, bold brushstrokes, animal personalities, and the whimsy of nature make her happy and inspire her to paint. She finds pure joy in the process of color mixing and not being particular about the “rules” of fine art.

Art has been a lifelong love affair for Kaley and she considers herself a self taught artist. She holds a degree in Natural Resources from Colorado State University and happily calls Fort Collins home.