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Gorgeous Gertie

Sherrill Stone
Gardens on Spring Creek

The piece is currently part of ARTiculture, the sculpture on loan program at the Gardens on Spring Creek. It is installed in the Children’s Garden, where it would remain. The piece was juried by a panel of citizens as a part of the ARTiculture show. No additional costs are expected upon acceptance of the piece into the collection.
A quote from the artist about the piece: “As I foraged through my stones seeking my next project, I came across this flat piece of marble, and I thought, “A-ha!, another fish for my series, ‘Fish Foibles!” I preceded the undertaking of Gorgeous Gertie Grouper. As I get older, I find I am more attracted to humor than to the seriousness that most pieces of marble sculptures seem to bring. I like the idea of comical, whimsical animals—at the moment, they are fish. So, here’s Gorgeous Gertie.