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Fossil Creek Park

Andy Dufford, Artscapes
5821 S. Lemay Ave.

Artscapes worked with the park project team on the park’s overall design. Fossil Creek Park was envisioned as an escape from the urban environment while remaining close to the city. They then created four individual artworks to complement the new community park. 

The entry piece is titled Stones Gait. The play on words intends to highlight the great span of geologic time that formed the stones now serving as columns and seats.

Ripple Cove is a sitting space carved into the water’s edge making a space for people to sit at water level and gaze across the lake to Long’s Peak.

Time Walk is a series of three discovery spaces, each with a carved limestone sculpture in the form of an ambiguous relic. Because many of the features in the park are very literal sculptures of dinosaurs and fossils, theses Time Pods are sculpted to be imaginative, and open to many interpretations.

Caldera is a large earthwork indentation carved into the top of the knoll and allows visitors to view the front range without buildings obstructing the view.