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Fort Collins Piano of Art

Jana Leigh Hillstrom , Leisha Renee Lawson

Our concept is to pay reverence to (non-copy righted) masterworks by incorporating a Colorado twist into each. The piano would be an art collection in and of itself. Walking around the piano would be like walking around in an art museum. We have chosen some of the world 's most breathtaking pieces of art to give people reason to stop and catch their breath. We wanted to make these classic painting accessible to the public and imbue our piano with a sense of humor. They do not call it playing the piano for no reason.

Art emerges from a sense of place, emotions incubated from real moments of awe. The alluring women of Botechelli's village, the humbling vastness of Van Gogh's sky, the divine echoing in the cathedral where Michelangelo stood, and Grant Wood's recognition of American perseverance all inspired these masters to paint what they saw, illuminating what they felt about seeing it.

Similarly, in Colorado we experience beauty, expansiveness of nature, and perseverance. This is another reason we thought to include a touch of Colorado in these Masterworks. We wanted to celebrate what makes Colorado a great place to call home while honoring those who have come before us and inspiring those who are coming up next.