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For the Love of It

Jessica Bean

My design concept is taking everything I love about the area and marrying them. The rows of poppies along the houses in Old Town, gorgeous wind-twisted trees along the trails in Horsetooth, blue skies, and a magpie. I know the magpie can be seen as a nuisance, but if you see them in a positive light they stand for looking forward into the future without fear. The eye of the magpie is a very small Colorado flag “C” to symbolize how Colorado has looked in the future without fear. The mandala that covers the back and top of the piano symbolizes self-unity and inner peace. I believe that is something every person is looking for, especially after moving to a new town. In a town with so many transplants I hope many can relate. The large tree roots that overlap and embrace the entire piano symbolize the laying down of new roots over the old.