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Todd Kundla
Timberline Recycling Center

This piece was originally designed for the Downtown Trash Enclosure in the Oak and Remington Parking Lot. Fort Collins Artists Todd Kundla and Teddi Parker collaborated to create an art concept . Todd Kundla has created a sculpture using recycled fencing on three sides of the structure and Teddi Parker has painted a related mural on the remaining side. The artists are using imagery of a phoenix to symbolize the rebirth of materials through recycling—a reference to the purpose of the enclosure.

When the enclosure was decommissioned, both artworks were moved to the Timberline Recycling Center where their theme is equally fitting.

Todd Kundla’s FireBird covers three sides of the structure—east, north, and south. The material for the sculpture is fencing salvaged from the house at 105 E Vine that is part of the Poudre River Whitewater Park project. 

Todd Kundla’s also created the sculpture of on the silos near the corner of Timberline and Prospect and the sculpture from recycled materials at the Timberline Recycling Center (both in partnership with artist Tim Upham) for the City of Fort Collins Art in Public Places program.