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Amelia Caruso

Amelia’s response to her involvement on Pianos About Town: “I am very excited about painting a piano this year. I am not musical in any way shape or form, so to be associated with music is very exciting to me. The piano will be painted with a very bright yellow so that people will see it from the other side of the square and think ‘what’s that?’ and it will draw them in. The piano will have dots on the surface. You could think of it as Effervescence rising up from the piano as it is played. I think it will add a sense of movement to the piano, even when not being played. I always enjoy painting outside in Fort Collins. I feel like it engages people in a way that is not usually available to them. People get to see art, how it’s made and ask questions. Conversation always makes art more approachable. This project makes two artistic media approachable at the same time. I am very excited about this project.”