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Chrysanthemum Daydream

Sofia Ramirez

Chrysanthemums are thought to signify life and rebirth which is why Sofia Ramirez used them in her design. This mural is meant to be an escape from mundane daily life. It is an exploration into a surreal and peaceful dreamscape, an ethereal space where you can paint your own world full of color, hope, and endless possibilities. Her hope is that it will serve as a reminder that we are all masters of our reality.

Sofia Ramirez is a Colombian American studio painter, 3D designer, digital illustrator, and muralist. She has her BFA in Digital Art and Design. She practices abstract art and illustrative portraiture with inspirations from graffuturism, minimalism, and art nouveau. She has been practicing studio art for 5 years and public art for 2 years. Her strengths as an artist include
intricate line work, patterning, geometry, bold color, symmetry, and movement. Her art alias is Sofi Rami.