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Break Out

CM Canino

CM Canino's mural incorporates color and texture to transform the instrument into a multifaceted “performance piece.” The piano resembles rock cracking open to reveal the full spectrum of vibrant colors glowing through the fissures. Creating an allegory of true beauty breaking out from beneath toughest stone armor.

The texture of the rock is accomplished by adding mixed media to create a tactile surface. The vibrant colors underneath push and break through, drawing the audience in and hopefully inspire them to play a tune.

CM Canino is a visual artist and painter with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Arizona State University and a Fort Collins local. CM explores themes of pop culture, music, and entertainment through vibrant colors and expressive marks in his work. CM’s body of work spans private commissions, fine arts gallery shows, live painting at events. He is constantly expanding his horizon of artistic expression and believes art and the artist should be accessible to everyone. After completing his first mural in Fort Collins in 2020, CM is focused on creating more public art for the community.