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Civic Center Parking Structure

"Making Tracks"
by David Griggs

120 N. Mason
Completed 1999

Denver artist David Griggs was selected to serve as a Design Consultant on this project. This rustic terrazzo flooring is a cement-based granite mixture that is finely polished. The technique dates back to roman times but has been updated with modern equipment and materials. The finished product is a surface with a lifetime expectancy of over 100 years. Grigg's designs relate to transportation themes and are incorporated in the floors through the use of divider strips.

Artist's Statement

"'Making Tracks' is a terrazzo floor installation designed for the three levels of the entrance stairwell in Fort Collins' new Civic Center Parking Structure. The design is based on images that would be left behind by Parking Structure patrons: man-made tracks from cars, motorcycles or bicycle tires, and natural tracks from animals that might also inhabit the Parking Structure. Intended to be both fun and conscience raising, the piece offers patrons a series of visual clues about the possible uses of the Parking Structure The top floor shows oversized train tracks along with prints made by a jackrabbit, an animal likely to be seen from a train. The middle level reveals the tire tracks from a car, which was apparently chased by a dog. The lower level has tracks from a bicycle or motorcycle, which must have been avoiding a porcupine. Hopefully the presence of these animal tracks will inspire people to think about the beneficial uses of the Parking Structure."