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Ron Clark
Art in Action Tent, south of Old Town Square on Mountain Avenue

Ron Clark's mural design, Wisdom, features a depiction of the Milky Way, with a portal a free-floating astronaut peers through at the iconic shot of the tree-lined CSU Oval. All of human-kind’s collective knowledge has culminated in sending us into the vast emptiness of space to explore beyond our world. But Ron thinks we are starting to realize that maybe some of the answers we seek aren’t out there after all. Maybe, in fact, they have been here all along.

The back of the mural features the close-up face of an owl, in whose giant eye we see that peering astronaut framed by the void of space behind. The owl, as a universally recognized symbol of wisdom, is essentially gazing at the CSU Oval, allowing the astronaut to see one symbolic answer to those profound questions.

Ron Clark has lived in Fort Collins his entire adult life. He has recently retired from a 30 year teaching
career in which he taught English, Video Production and 2D Design. He has spent his summers
painting mascot murals in just about every school in Fort Collins, and is hoping he can continue to
paint murals in between extended bouts of chillaxing.