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Art in Public Places

FLOW: Above & Below

Jill MacKay
Intersection of Ketcher and Ziegler roads.

Local artist Jill MacKay’s first mosaic on site is Wave Walk. It highlights the creek play area and is located in the sidewalk at either end of the bridge. It utilizes photo-luminescent stones, which glow at nighttime and take advantage of the darker natural surroundings of the creek.

Jill worked with the Fort Collins Utilities Project Team to expand this art project. For FLOW: Above & Below, the placement of a grouping of boulders near the bridge and the creek extend the Wave Walk project. Mirror mosaic on the surface of the boulders reflect the blue sky and clouds, which are the source or rain and snow (where most ground water begins). At the base of the boulders, photo-luminescent stones are embedded in cement in flows moving toward the creek. These elements intend to both speak of where the water comes from, and how it moves and is moved (engineered in parks).