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Peaceful Songs

Jose Gonzales , Angel Gonzales

Angel and Jose's design expresses their feelings while creating art, which is very hopeful and peaceful. They chose dandelions in a sunset to illustrate the peaceful feeling. Dandelions also signify hopes and wishes; when walking past this peaceful piano, the hope passerby think of some of their wishes and dreams and set their minds to a relaxed state.  It also allows for a welcoming environment for people to come to play the piano and bring a peaceful sound for everyone to enjoy.

Angel Gonzales started creating art at a very young age with the help of her father, Jose. Recently, she received her bachelors degree in the Fine Arts as well as Education. Jose Gonzales, has had a passion and love for art since he was young. He participates in visual art forms, such as painting and drawing, and has had a passion for music throughout his life. Painting this mural allows him to create with both of his passions, art and music.