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Northside Aztlan Community Center Art

Carolyn Braaksma
Northside Aztlan Community Center

Denver artist Carolyn Braaksma worked with the project team and architects to place the artwork on the inside and outside of the facility.

  • Walking to or from the parking lot, on the East exterior wall of the building, you will see three 20-foot long panels that consist of concrete and glass modules designed by children who participated in a community project led by the artist. Portraits drawn by the children were transferred by Braaksma into 3-D prototypes, which were then cast in glass and concrete. The concrete portraits have also been used as decorative medallions, placed throughout the exterior of the building.
  • In the large circular window above the South entrance, a pattern based on papel picado (Mexican paper cuts) has been mounted. The 5’ diameter powder coated metal piece casts a strong silhouette of a magpie pattern.
  • As you enter the facility underneath the magpie papel picado, look down to see the lobby floor. Braaksma has created an undulating design in colored concrete with cast glass and bronze details that lead you to the front desk.