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Art in Public Places

New Town

Lisa Cameron Russell
Located on the restroom at Avery Park, 1101 Castlerock Dr.

With the Avery Park Project Team, artist Lisa Cameron Russell created a design to add a compelling art focal point that ties together the Avery Park theme and accents the architectural elements of the restroom. Lisa has used the imagery of Franklin Avery’s 1872 “New Town” plat.

 In 1872 the Larimer County Land Improvement Company purchased and incorporated 3,000 acres of land outside the original town plat. Unlike the “Old Town” plat that was built off the Poudre River, Franklin Avery’s 1872 “New Town” survey established a grid based on the compass points, creating a contrasting intersection of old and new streets still present today. The survey created a grid pattern with smaller lot sizes that transition into larger lot sizes further from the Downtown core. Avery’s plat also included wide streets of 100 to 150 feet to take advantage of the “wide open spaces” the new frontier provided.