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Matter of Perspective

Chris Bates

The artwork that I create tends to be bright, colorful and provides a good amount of depth and contrast. For this piano I have chosen to create a piece that incorporates elements of organic line work and geometric perspective. The line work is curvilinear and flows throughout the design. It is the framework that serves to break up space and move the viewer around the piano. Underneath the lines will be a series of straight geometric shapes. These will appear to be 3D by using perspective techniques. The perspectives will be skewed and multiple sides will be seen at once, giving an optical illusion feel. These shapes will also change color and shade
and occasionally will shift to the foreground to enhance the illusion of depth and perspective. The straight line shapes will also split the piano in two by being color on one side and a grey scale on the other. This look will wrap around the sides and the top and meet in the middle of the front and the back. They will serve to bring the viewer around the whole piece and not just stay fixated on one singular spot.