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Willow Sedam
1122 W. Myrtle St, 1134 W. Myrtle St, and 1146 W. Myrtle St

The alley containing these utility cabinets is known locally as butterfly alley. Inspired by the present theming of this alleyway, I decided to base my cabinet designs on lepidopterans: butterflies, moths, and caterpillars! The first cabinet is butterfly-themed, covered in monarchs, swallowtails, and cabbage whites - all common butterflies that can be seen in your own backyard every summer—intertwined with sunflowers and pink yarrow. The second cabinet is all about caterpillars, featuring the larval forms of some of the butterflies and moths featured on the other two cabinets as they crawl and nibble on cherry leaves and milkweed. There are roughly ten times as many species of moths in the world than there are butterflies - about 160,000 - and the third utility box features these amazing nocturnal animals, perched on vibrant yellow brugmansia and night-flowering morning glories.