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Inspired Collaboration

Gale Whitman
Mountain Ave, Oak St, and Olive St along Mason St

Three traffic box murals along Mason St. — at Mountain Ave., Oak St. and Olive St. — celebrate the City of Fort Collins’s ClimateWise program, its mission and the accomplishments of its participants from 2000–2020. ClimateWise was a free voluntary program that helped businesses reduce their environmental impact, save money and gain recognition for their achievements in energy and water conservation, waste reduction, alternative transportation and social responsibility.

In each mural, the Cache la Poudre River and Horsetooth Rock represent Fort Collins, the bridge symbolizes the gateway to a brighter future and the arrows arising from the river show forward progress and inspiration. The top honeycomb border contains ClimateWise’s five community priorities — waste reduction, social responsibility, transportation, energy and water conservation. The honeycomb border transforms into stick figures that represent people taking actions with positive impacts on the earth. The figures come together to surround the Earth in a caring embrace.