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Art in Public Places

Gravity Course

Joe McGrane
Dragonfly's Lair- Located on Wakerobin Lane, just east of Regency Drive – near Webber Middle School.

Gravity Course is an interactive public artwork envisioned by local artist Joe McGrane and in collaboration with the City of Fort Collins Utilities Department, Webber Middle School faculty, and City of Fort Collins Art in Public Places. The artwork reinforces and compliments an interpretive trail and sign system developed by Webber Middle School students that speaks to the storm drainage and water quality functions of the open space. Gravity Course, located on Wakerobin Lane east of Regency Drive, will serve as an overlook, amphitheater and gateway to the new interpretive walkway.

As part of Gravity Course, the “Collecting Stone” is a map that illustrates the storm drain system that collects storm water from the neighborhood and feeds the pond area. The map can be activated by pouring water over the stone where it can flow through drains and channels and into the basin. Another primary feature of Gravity Course is a series of three “Basin Stones” that are placed alongside the steps leading to the bridge. These interactive, carved stones illustrate three functional values of the stormwater area: water quality, infiltration, and detention.