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Fourth Generation

Chelsea Romaniello

Chelsea's design is based off the colors, patterns and history of quilting throughout the United States. In her family, her mother, grandmother and great grandmother were all quilters which meant that growing up, everything from bed spreads to baby blankets were made from pieced fabric. For this design she was inspired by the patterns and colors of some of her family’s old quilts. She honors their craft through this mural and provides a moment of remembrance to any viewer that may have also come from a family of quilters. She also chose to include a few stylized urban animals into the design as well. She feels we share so much of our space with all sorts of different creatures and she loves to remind people they are there, fully interwoven into the urban landscapes.

Chelsea was born and raised in Colorado but gained artistic influence from her time living in Canada and South America. Her work has gained her a wide range of art skills including print-making, mural art, graphic design, and animation but her passion is centered in illustration. Her love for nature, animals and whimsy is the driving force behind her work. She loves capturing the meticulous beauty of the natural world and putting her own spin on the animals, characters and creatures within it. Her current work dives into large-scale illustration projects, creating worlds full of imaginative details. She also loves bringing this whimsy into graphic and quilt design to continue to encourage creativity and fantasy.