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Four Seasons of Colorado

Jennie Mizrahi

This mural shows the color and light of the four seasons of Colorado. Jennie imitated the look of stained glass to place simplified shapes of similar and contrasting colors to show the variety and vibrancy of our landscapes over time. Sometimes the light here is so bright it makes her vision dance, and she wanted to create that effect here, while exploring the various landscapes we can see all around us.

Jennie Mizrahi moved to Colorado at age five and has loved it here ever since. She did live in Baltimore while getting her BFA in sculpture at the Maryland Institute College of Art, but then returned home to work at a bronze foundry in Loveland. She eventually became a high school art teacher, getting her Master’s degree at University of Northern Colorado and her Doctorate at Denver University, but she has continued to create and show her own work as well. She has shifted to painting as her main focus, and spends her summers working en plein air in the immediate area. She lives in Fort Collins with her husband and three cats.