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Elements of Surprise

Chris Bates

I have come up with a high contrast, eye catching design for this years piano. It is a black and white design that uses a loose mandala type look to achieve its composition. The focal points on the front and back are the earth and the sun, with the elements of fire and water overlaying them. From there the design flares out to represent many of the natural elements that exist on this planet. Water is represented in the tears and bubbles surrounding the back and the top of the piano. Earth elements are shown with roots and leaves that are focused mainly on the backside of the piece. The element of air is shown through wings, wind and clouds and transitions the design around the sides to the front of the piano. Fire is represented by the sun and the flares and flames coming off of it. This element will take over much of the front of the piano. I want the front to radiate out from the player drawing attention to the keys. The fire represents the burning desire for musicians to play and the passion that people have for live music.