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Art in Public Places


Noelle Miller
411 Chestnut

The concept for my two box designs is dawn into dusk. The first box, "dawn", features warm sky tones reminiscent of an early morning sunrise with a green-blue color symbolizing cool waters running throughout the piece. There is a sun rising, wrapping around three sides of the box: the top, front and left side. There are willow trees throughout the background, brought forth through busy detailing. The second box, "dusk" features both warm and cool tones reminiscent of hours late in the day. There are floral patterns throughout the background with busy grass detailing on the top layer. There is a setting sun wrapping around three sides of this box as well: the top, front and the right side to offset the location of the opposite box's sun. Spray detailing in the "sky" area gives the illusion of stars and nighttime while the warm colors set the tone for earlier in the day to create a whimsical feel. Both boxes feature colorful clouds and white lines weaving through the piece to bring the viewer around each artwork and create a sense of wonder.