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Color and Curiosities

Savannah Anderson

Savannah Anderson has an affinity for small insects, animals and plants. She feels insects or fungi are often portrayed in a negative light, leaving a bad taste in people's mouth about little critters crawling around in their house, when really they play a HUGE role in the harmony of certain ecosystems. By incorporating Colorado native flora and fauna with some other less commonly seen nature, she hopes to encourage kids and adults alike, to appreciate the "small" aspects of nature while drawing them in with bright fun colors that are a stark contrast to the earthy colors we associate bugs and fungi with. 

Savannah graduated from Colorado State University with a BA in Fine Art and an emphasis in printmaking in 2018. In addition to printing, Savannah has expanded her interests into tattooing, illustration, painting and graphic design.

Her artwork embodies the importance of individual experience with community of nature, space and innate biophilia, encouraging playfulness and appreciation for both organic and detail oriented mediums while blurring the boundaries of modern illustration and fine art. Her most recent work is inspired by the evolution of tattoo history and is reflected in her current projects.