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Butterfly Nebula

Monika Lea Jones

Monika Lea Jones art focuses on the natural world of landscapes, plants, and also animals. In her mind this also includes outer space. Her paintings accurately depict stelar space for adventurers to explore. For her Butterfly Nebula mural, Monika chose this nebula for her design because the exploding clouds of gas create wings that are recognizable. Also, this nebula was used by NASA, for its “A Universe of Sound” project where an image was translated into sound—the higher the light, the higher the pitch, and vice versa. The Crab Nebula completes the back and sides of the design.

Monika is a Colorado-born artist working in a variety of mediums. She studied art history, curation, and exhibition design at University of California Santa Cruz and San Francisco State University. As an interactive artist and designer, she seeks to create spaces for learning and healing.