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Bright Spots

Chelsea Ermer

Bright Spots, is all about finding beauty, or “Bright Spots”, in the moments that may seem bleak. Even when things look dark and grey, there are bright spots that shine through if you continue to look for them. This is showcased through most of the mural being black and white, with spotlights of bright areas of color.

Chelsea Ermer lives and works in Fort Collins. She studied art education at CSU and graduated in 2012. She has been an art teacher at Fossil Ridge High School for the last eight years, where she focuses on teaching students Foundations, Drawing, Art History and Digital artwork. While these are her specialties, she loves painting and experimenting with any artform she can get her hands on.

This is the fourth mural she has painted for Pianos About Town. Creating art in the community has been such a joy, she is always looking for opportunities to add beauty to this city. Art is her passion and what she has decided to dedicate her life and career to. She could not be more excited to continue sharing her artwork with all the wonderful people in the town that she loves.