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Art in Public Places

Bevrijde Vogel

Robin Romeyn

In life, so many of us find ourselves in situations that keep us from being our true selves. It could be an addiction, a destructive relationship, financial issues, a physical limitation, mental illness, or more. Bevrijde Vogel (meaning, "Freed Bird," in Dutch), is in honor of all of those who have broken free from what has bound them and is also meant to be a source of encouragement to those who long to break free and are trying hard to find the courage to do so.

Watch the progression of the intrepid little robin, wings flapping, wanting to take her first tlight. Her broken shell, remnants of her past, remain behind in her nest. Her mom, dad and others are there cheering her on. Finally, she does take a dive off the tree ... and begins to soar! She continues to do so and then finally perches peacefully on the tree and sings a beautiful melody, with three babies of her own peeking out of their nest.

Be sure to note various nods to Northern Colorado--Longs Peak, the blue spruce and columbine (Colorado's state tree and flower), and the hot wings tatarian maple, a tree that was cultivated here in Fort Collins. Likewise, the back includes references to the artist's home state of Michigan (the apple blossom, eastern white pine and the rolling hills of Michigan vs. the spikey mountain peaks of the Rockies).

Robin began studying piano at the young age of four and additionally took up the flute at age 10, studying privately with teachers in her hometown, Grand Rapids, Michigan. Upon graduating from high school, Robin joined San Diego’s Marine Band, playing the flute, piccolo and occasionally the piano.

Robin also had a strong interest in art from a young age. After serving in the Marine Band, she studied graphic design and marketing at San Diego City College and the University of North Florida. After graduating, she did freelance graphic design work, taught piano lessons, and performed in various groups. Robin currently teaches piano lessons at her home studio, Tweet Street Music, in Timnath, and also is an active member in several musical groups in the area to include the Northern Colorado Concert Band. When not making art or playing music, Robin stays very busy with her three amazing boys and also enjoying the wonderful outdoor lifestyle of Northern Colorado.