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Tip #157

Insulate pipes-hot and cold-that connect vertically to your water heater.

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Fort Collins Utilities is an equal opportunity residential and commercial utility service provider. We do not discriminate in the terms, conditions or provision of services based on race, color, religion, sex, disability, familial status or national origin.

Fort Collins Utilities es una empresa proveedora de servicios públicos residenciales y comerciales con igualdad de oportunidad. No discriminamos en los términos, las condiciones o la provisión de servicios en base a raza, color, religión, sexo, discapacidad, estatus familiar o nacionalidad de origen.

High Quality Drinking Water

We are committed to providing customers with reliable drinking water of superior quality. Our treated drinking water consistently surpasses state and federal standards for purity.

Fort Collins Utilities is pleased to provide you with our Drinking Water Quality Report (PDF 3MB), detailing where our water comes from, what it contains and other information.

Fort Collins Utilities' Water Quality Laboratory provides additional details in the report on chemicals in drinking water (PDF 27KB). We also have compiled this bottled water comparison (PDF 45KB).

Drinking Water Quality Policy Annual Report

City Council Resolution 93-144 adopted the Drinking Water Quality Policy to ensure continuous delivery of high quality drinking water to Fort Collins Utilities' customers. The policy states this will be achieved by:

  • effective management
  • pro-active monitoring and testing, protecting, developing and preserving water resources
  • advancing treatment technology and operations
  • operating and maintaining the water distribution system and assuring the quality of service
  • coordinating drinking water and wastewater treatment management
  • cooperating with other water providers and users
  • annual reporting

Each year, actions taken in support of the policy are reported to the City Council and Water Board. The annual reports are available for 2013 (PDF 2MB), 2012 (PDF (949KB) and 2011 (PDF 1MB).

Contact Utilities for more information.