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Help Fort Collins Be Flood Ready, Flood Awareness Week, July 12-19

Posted on: Jul-11-2014
Please Note:This press release is over 180 days old and may contain inaccurate information
The Fort Collins community has experienced the devastating impact of flooding. However, during the September 2013 flood, the community also saw the benefits of long-term planning and preparedness, which greatly reduced local impacts and losses.

Fort Collins Utilities is sponsoring Flood Awareness Week (FAW), July 12-19, and encourages individuals to become “flood ready” through education regarding the reality of floods and by taking steps to minimize personal, financial and environmental loss.

Northern Colorado, including Fort Collins, commonly experiences monsoonal moisture during the last two weeks of July and first two weeks of August, which can lead to slow moving storms and heavy rainfall. Flooding in Fort Collins also can occur as a result of snowmelt in the spring and intense thunderstorms at any time.

It’s important for community members to know the risks and be aware of the steps they can take to protect themselves, their families and property. Interactive floodplain maps can be viewed at .

Flood insurance is an important consideration. Remember: (1) Only flood insurance covers floods; (2) You don’t have to be in a floodplain to get flooded; and (3) Everyone in Fort Collins can purchase flood insurance. Because Utilities’ Stormwater program ranks in the top 1 percent of programs nationwide, customers can qualify to receive up to a 30 percent discount on flood insurance. Learn more at .

To help residents stay informed about local streamflow levels and precipitation amounts, Utilities operates a flood warning system with 75 gauges located throughout the Fort Collins area. When the gauges exceed a set level, Utilities and Office of Emergency Management personnel are notified and take action. Real-time data can be viewed at , as well as on iPhone, Android and Windows Smartphones.

To further increase safety, all Larimer County residents are encouraged to sign up for free emergency notifications on landlines, business phones, cell phones and via text and email messages at . Residents also can follow Utilities’ various social media updates ( ).

Other tips can be found at . Learn to be “Red Cross Ready.” Get a kit; make a plan; be informed. And, during a flood, remember to never drive through floodwaters. Less than one foot of flowing water can float a vehicle.

During Flood Awareness Week, mailers with flood hazard data, emergency preparedness tips and additional information will be sent to floodplain residents and property owners.

The following videos are available at and also are shown on Cable 14 ( ):
• Fort Collins’ Flood Warning System
• Fort Collins’ Flood of 1997
• Water’s Fury
• Moving Water: Adventure or Danger?
• Floods
• Flooding Safety: Turn Around, Don’t Drown

Informational displays and handouts will be available at:

• Downtown Library (201 Peterson St.)
• Harmony Library (4616 S. Shields St.)
• Council Tree Library (2733 Council Tree)
• Fort Collins Museum of Discovery (408 Mason Ct.)
• Mulberry Pool (424 W. Mulberry St.)
• EPIC (1801 Riverside Ave.)
• Northside Aztlan Community Center (112 E. Willow St.)
• Building and Zoning Services (281 N. College Ave.)
• Customer Service Division (117 N. Mason St.)
• 215 N. Mason St.
• City Hall (300 Laporte Ave.)
• Utilities Service Center (700 Wood St.)

For more information, visit , email , call 970-221-6700 or TDD 970-224-6003.

Contact: Marsha Hilmes-Robinson
Floodplain Administrator

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