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Glade Reservoir NISP Project

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On February 21, 2017 City Council authorized staff to "meet on a regular basis with...Northern Water regarding NISP and the City's concerns, and to explore the City's interests in order to ascertain whether those interests can be met, including through potential solutions to address the City's goals and issues related to NISP..."

City Council also directed staff to provide it and the public with a record of related meetings and discussions with Northern Water.

Agendas and meeting notes will be posted here.

City Comments on NISP Environmental Report, 2015

The Northern Integrated Supply Project (NISP) is a proposal for a water development project that includes Glade Reservoir, a reservoir slightly larger than Horsetooth proposed to be near Ted's place. Learn more about how NISP works.

In 2008 the Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) produced a draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) for the Northern Integrated Supply Project (NISP). Due to the number and complexity of significant comments received about the DEIS the Corps subsequently developed a Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement in 2015. Find the reports here.

In both efforts the City comments focused on NISPs potential impacts to City of Fort Collins investments and assets ranging from drinking water, wastewater, river ecology, stormwater and recreation. The Citys comments:

Next Steps

The Federal and State regulatory processes set forth a specific path for permitting a project like NISP. Following the SDEIS the process will include:
  • Final Environmental Impact Statement
  • Record of Decision (or ROD)
  • State Water Quality Certification
  • State Wildlife Mitigation Plan