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Landlord Education Opportunities 2014

Brown Bag Lunch Series
This year, we will host three brown bag lunch discussions held at different locations in hopes of attracting many landlords to come and share their experiences as well as to listen to others in hopes of assisting in solving some of their own problems and overcoming challenges. Staff will work with local professionals to assure that there will also be subject matter experts at the table to provide direction.  We will pilot this series in three sessions in the spring and will ask for feedback and comments that will assist in future planning.  All sessions will begin at noon and conclude at 1 pm. The idea is to host these lunches at various libraries to increase accessibility. Those rooms can only be booked eight weeks out, so please check locations closer to the date.

Evictions: Preparation and Process
March 13, Noon-1 pm in the Harmony Library, Community Room
This discussion will be around creating leases that will assist in an eviction process, should such a need arise --asking landlords to share their own experiences and what items were useful or not in the process.   Experiences with court process and follow through of evictions will also be discussed. Information gathered and questions asked will be used to inform longer, more thorough training on Evictions.  Register Now.

Practical Considerations for Providing Housing to Low - Income Residents
April 10, Noon-1 pm, Council Tree Library, Community Room C
Subject matter experts will provide specific requirements relating to specific housing assistance programs.   In addition, landlords will be asked to share their own challenges and successes in creating a positive living environment for low income residents. Register Now.  

May 15, Noon-1 pm, Old Town Library, Community Room 1
With college terms coming to an end, many landlords may wonder exactly what their expectations should be around subleasing and what their power to control it is, given various circumstances.   Landlords will be asked to share their previous experiences and offer tips for positive subleasing experiences. Register Now.  

Landlord Education Series

Evictions: How Do I Prepare and What Does The Process Look Like?
April 30, 1:30-4 pm, Community Room, Fort Collins Police Services, 2221 Timberline Road
Eviction is a term that every landlord has some understanding of and some concept of where to find answers about the process if they need it; however, when it really is time to start the process -- emotions cloud the process and some may learn they did not properly prepare for the possibility.  Throughout this training, we will pick apart the process of evictions and provide step by step instructions on how to create and implement a lease that will allow for a smooth legal process.  We will also talk through the actual court process involved and the steps you will need to take after the eviction process is complete. Presented by: Peter Dauster, Associate Attorney at Myatt, Brandes & Gast PC. Register Now.

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Please contact us, if you have other questions or would like to speak with someone in person about a particular problem or issue. Community Mediation provides information on tenant/landlord, neighbor/neighbor and roommate disputes and can provide free mediation services in these areas for people who live within Fort Collins city limits.