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Landlord Education Opportunities 2015

How Do I Stay Up To Date On Training Information?
Neighborhood Services produces a bi-monthly publication with information about upcoming training for landlords and tenants as well as HOA training and other topics considered helpful to neighborhoods. In order to be sure you receive all of that great information, as well as other articles intended to assist and inform neighborhoods, sign up for Neighborhood News at

Brown Bag Lunch Series
The City successfully launched a brown bag lunch series in 2014 and will continue to provide these opportunities for landlords to come together, build a network, provide support and ideas to one another. While the event is open to anyone, it is really designed for landlords that manage their own properties. Discussion topics are identified by participants and staff will work with local experts to provide content-enrichment. Attendees are welcome to bring their lunch and eat while enjoying the opportunity to get to know others.

The brown bag lunch discussions will be held at different locations in hopes of attracting many landlords to come and share their experiences. We hope that by providing this network of landlord knowledge and support, you will be more prepared to respond to challenges and solve problems with tenants. The idea is to host these lunches at various libraries to increase accessibility; however, those rooms can only be booked eight weeks out, so please check back occasionally to see if new topics have been added. Also, you can register for our bi-monthly newsletter, Neighborhood News, at to stay up to date on these and other educational opportunities.

Brown Bag Discussion on Service Animals
The next brown bag lunch session discusses service animals, and is hosted at the City of Fort Collins building at 281 North College on April 7, 12-1 p.m., in the Venti Conference Room. For all who are interested, the last fifteen minutes of the conversation will include a tour of Neighborhood Services to increase familiarity for landlords in attendance. Following the City-sponsored discussion on service animals will be an informal gathering of landlords, 1-2 p.m., hosted by Lori Roland and Cherie DuCharme. The two are local landlords who are working to create a support and information network specifically for landlords who own and manage their own properties. Register Here.

If there are topics you would like to see discussed at the next City-sponsored dialogue in May, please contact me. The longer landlord education series are coming up this fall. Typically, there are no City-sponsored landlord education events throughout the summer months though the informal group may provide an opportunity to connect during that time.

Landlord Tenant Handbook

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Please contact us, if you have other questions or would like to speak with someone in person about a particular problem or issue. Community Mediation provides information on tenant/landlord, neighbor/neighbor and roommate disputes and can provide free mediation services in these areas for people who live within Fort Collins city limits.


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