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Natural Areas Longer Term Volunteer Opportunities

Master Naturalists

Master Naturalists are highly trained volunteer educators who share their knowledge and experience with the public. As a Master Naturalist you will experience beautiful natural areas while you learn how to lead fun, hands-on field trips. An intensive training session of about 60 hours is offered each spring. Fifty hours of volunteer service are required within two years of training. Learn more about becoming a Master Naturalist here. Interested? Read the full job description.

The next training will be in March and April 2016. The press release lists dates and more information. Applications to become a Master Naturalist are due by March 15 (you must first login or create an account in NatureTracker.)

To Request a Presentation by a Master Naturalist
Would you like to invite a volunteer Master Naturalist to work with your group? Contact Sue Kenney, 970-224-6118.

Adopt a Natural Area

Adopt a Natural Area volunteers take an active role in the stewardship of natural areas by doing monthly litter clean-ups. It is a great way to work outside and get to know a natural area! Time Commitment: Flexible, visit your natural area once each month. Learn more by reading the full job description and Adopt-a-Natural Area brochure.

Ready to get started? Contact Susan Schafer, , 970-416-2480 or apply online to become a volunteer. NOTE: To complete the volunteer application, you must first create a free account in NatureTracker (name, email, phone is all that is required).

Master Naturalist Assistant

Master Naturalist Assistants (MNAs) serve as an important aid to volunteer Master Naturalists (see above for description) by lending a helpful hand to all aspects of leading a field trip or activity for the public. As a MNA, you will assist with group management, props and activities. It's a great way to make a difference and meet other interested volunteers. Read the job description here. The next training will be in spring 2016. To learn more , email Sue Kenney at , or call 970-224-6118.

Volunteer Ranger Assistants

Volunteer Ranger Assistants serve as a friendly face on the trail to greet visitors, promote safe outdoor recreation and assist rangers with many of their important tasks. Time Commitment: Training sessions are about 20 hours (Tuesday Feb. 16 and Thursday Feb. 18, 6- 9 p.m. and all day Saturday, Feb.20, 2016). Trainings are offered once a year, in the winter. The volunteer schedule is flexible, 20 hours of volunteer service are required within 2 years of training. Read the job description here. Find out more about the Volunteer Ranger Assistant Program >>>. Questions? Contact Susan Schafer, Volunteer Coordinator, , 970-416-2480.

Land Conservation and Stewardship Board

This citizen advisory board advises City Council about the Natural Areas Department's policy and budget, proposed land acquisitions, management plans, and other matters. Board meetings are once a month. Applications are taken at any time. Learn more >>>

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