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Economic Advisory Commission
Recommendations to City Council
Recommendation Date
  Recommendation on Disposable Bags   09-09-14
  Recommendation on the Foothills Assistance Package     05-02-13
  Recommendation on Woodward Assistance Package     04-29-13
  Recommendation on FCHA Fee Waivers     02-20-13
  Recommendation on Capital Expansion Fees     02-20-13
  Recommendation on Forney Assistance Package     08-15-12
  Recommendation on Planned Development Overlay District     07-27-12
  Recommendation on Outdoor Vendor Study     07-12-12
  Recommendation on Avago Clean Room Expansion     07-12-12
  Recommendation on Economic Health Strategic Plan     05-18-12
  Recommendation on Parking Plan Update     02-17-12
  Recommendation on Bike Library Feasibility Study     10-25-11
  Recommendation on Citizen Advisory Group (CAG) for Mid Town URA     09-26-11
  Recommendation on Building Permit and Plan Fee Check Proposal     09-06-11
  Recommendation on Midtown Urban Renewal Plan     07-14-11
  Recommendation on City Tax and Revenue Fees     04-28-11
  Recommendation on Green Building Code Amendments     02-17-11
  Recommendation on Gateway Standards     12-28-10
  Recommendation on City Procurement Policy     12-28-10
  Recommendation on Section 108 Loan Program     12-20-10
  Recommendation on Economic Health Budget for 2011-2012     11-22-10
  Recommendation on Long Range Financial Planning     10-11-10
  Recommendation on Economic Health Budget for 2011 and 2012     10-11-10
  Recommendation on Amendments 60, 61 and Proposition 101     09-01-10
  Recommendation on Midtown Redevelopment Study     08-12-10
  Recommendation on Manufacturing Use Tax     03-15-10
  Recommendation on Resourcing our Future     03-12-10
  Recommendation on Transportation Safety     02-04-10
  Recommendation on the Mason Corridor     11-05-09
  Recommendation on Poverty and Economic Health in Fort Collins     10-29-09
  Recommendation on 2010-2011 Recommended Economic Health Budget     10-20-09
  Recommendation on Transit Strategic Plan     08-18-09
  Recommendation on Foothills Mall Redevelopment     06-08-09
  Recommendation on Transit Strategic Plan     06-08-09
  Recommendation on the Climate Action Plan     10-28-08
  Recommendation on Mason Corridor     03-06-08
  Recommendation on Bicycle Advisory Committee     12-12-07
  Recommendation on Northern Colorado Economic Development Corporation     10-08-07