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World Class People

2020 World Class People#

“I am proud to be a part of an organization that prioritizes finding the most equitable and inclusive solutions. We see better outcomes when we bring our whole selves to the work and connect authentically with community members and businesses.” - 2020 Honoree Lindsay Ex, Environmental Services

“My coworkers are one of my favorite things about working here. We participate in many activities together outside of work, and we have a great working relationship and camaraderie.” - 2020 Honoree Chad Willschau, Utility Services

"I love working with and learning from my colleagues. I am so fortunate to be working on projects that directly affect our current and future water customers and that keep me learning, problem-solving and collaborating daily.” - 2020 Honoree Eileen Dornfest, Utility Services

“My favorite thing about working here is the people! We make safe and successful events possible, where our community can come together to enjoy the natural beauty, music, food and art that is so abundant in Fort Collins.”- 2020 Honoree Jan Sawyer, Community Development & Neighborhood Services

“It means the world to me that I get to help provide our services in one of the most beautiful communities on the planet.” - 2020 Honoree Kevin Williams, Parks

“I am very fortunate to work with a group of intelligent professionals who are dedicated to improving the transportation network for the City. They are super supportive, make me laugh, listen to my ideas/concerns and push me to be a better individual.” - 2020 Kyle Lambrecht, Engineering

“I really enjoy building meaningful relationships and interdepartmental partnerships. I started working for Transportation in 1980 and have worked in Natural Areas for over twenty years. I love working for the City and am still here forty years later because of that.” - 2020 Honoree Mark Sears, Natural Areas

“As a public servant, I enjoy working for an organization that truly values their employees. I feel privileged to work with such committed, inspirational and dedicated people.” - 2020 Honoree Michelle Vattano, Natural Areas

“Providing activities for youth and adults enriches their daily life. I have also gained many friendships, met wonderful people and learned many different skills from my co-workers.” - 2020 Honoree Ralph Mirelez, Recreation

“It’s satisfying to work on projects that support community policies and goals, including affordable housing, childcare, small business and reuse projects. I love that the work has a lasting impact on the look, feel and quality of life in Fort Collins.” - 2020 Honoree Rebecca Everette, Community Development & Neighborhood Services

“I feel fortunate to have dedicated and supportive leaders who encourage us to embrace collaborative and innovative thinking. Working with so many dedicated individuals across the City is also inspiring. Our vision, mission and values are reflected daily for me.” - 2020 Honoree Stu Reeve, Operation Services

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