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2022 World Class People#

Annabelle Phillips

Annabelle Phillips - Transfort: “Public transit is a vital service that advances the livability and health of our community. There are so many facets to providing great transit and I love that I get to contribute daily to this important service.”

Bear Peterson-Gordon

Bear Peterson-Gordon: “I like to consider myself the original Connexion super-fan and I believe in the mission of Connexion wholeheartedly. I feel pride in what I do, knowing that we are making Fort Collins a better place today and for future generations.”

John Song

John Song - Water Engineering & Field Services: “Water can be powerful and destructive, but also fun, beautiful and life-giving if stewarded well. Not only are we serving in the present, but for the next and future generations as well.”

Katie Kitzerow

Katie Kitzerow - Emergency Preparedness & Security: “My goal each and every day is to provide a safe and secure environment for employees, contractors and visitors to City facilities. This is valuable work to help keep people healthy and safe.”

Megan Hervey

Megan Hervey - Lincoln Center: “Art and theatre are all about connection – they can spark new ideas, unite people from different backgrounds, and even drive social change. I feel proud to help create positive experiences for our patrons so they may learn, discover new passions, and engage with different cultures.”

Nicholas Jones

Nicholas Jones - Safety & Risk Management: “When I hear employees taking initiative to evaluate and change their safety behaviors, because of a conversation I had with them, or a class they participated in, then I know I am making difference. At the end of the day, my job is to help ensure everyone goes home safely to their friends, family and community.”

Ryan Mounce

Ryan Mounce - Community Development & Neighborhood Services: “Whether it’s housing, equity, or climate, there’s no shortage of important issues to address. Helping the community learn about these topics, providing information, facilitating connections, and sharing data with decision-makers can help the community make informed choices.”

Sarah Meline

Sarah Meline - Communications & Public Involvement: “At the local government level you can have an incredible impact within your local community every day. I focus on connecting community members with crucial information and working to make the community stronger and more resilient through recovery.”

Sue Beck-Ferkiss

Sue Beck-Ferkiss - Social Sustainability:“My role at the City has been instrumental in creating and implementing policy, culminating in more housing opportunities for consumers of affordable housing, allowing people to live in Fort Collins even if they do not earn a lot of money.”

Tenae Beane

Tenae Beane - Community Development & Neighborhood Services: “Working in Development Review has a direct influence on the built environment, and I believe each project is connected to the bigger picture of what makes Fort Collins a great place to live now and in the future.”

Tessa Jakobsson

Tessa Jakobbson - Police Criminal Investigations: “Throughout each investigation I seek to help the victim have the courage to share what happened to them so they have a voice. I work hard to hold people accountable when they victimize someone else, and through that try to make our community a safer place.”

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