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World Class People

2021 World Class People#

Brian Meyer – Information Technology: “I am surrounded by talented, smart people that I can learn from and advance my skills. I get to solve spatial problems and provide data management on incredibly interesting projects.”

Cheryl Kalmbach – Recreation: “I love being able to provide wonderful experiences for families in the Fort Collins community. I enjoy meeting new people and helping them register for programs that fit their fitness and educational needs.”

Christine Arnott – Human Resources: “I love that working in HR gives me the opportunity to show up honestly and fully when interacting and collaborating with my colleagues across the organization; I am so grateful for every opportunity to break down barriers, use technology to connect, serve and develop our workforce, and keep learning new ways to grow together.”

Jim Byrne – Emergency Preparedness & Security: “The City is full of passionate people who are always looking at the big picture. When we face big challenges, the community is well served because of that passion."

Kaley Zeisel – Transfort/Parking Services: “The most exhilarating thing about working for Transfort & Parking Services is recognizing the value of the service that our department provides and witnessing the evolution of transit in our community over the past decade.”

Leo Escalante – Communications & Public Involvement: “My favorite thing about working for the City is having the ability to build relationships in the community, which guides my work. It also provides me with the necessary input to use my role to influence systemic change that benefits those community members that have been historically marginalized, underserved and ignored.”

Maggie (Mags) Escobar – Safety & Risk Management: “My team pools our knowledge to support each other, City staff , and the Fort Collins community. We work hard to ensure that we are providing the best services we can, and we have a lot of fun doing it!”

Maren Bzdek – Community Development & Neighborhood Services: “Historic Preservation supports the preservation and rehabilitation of historic properties, but the reality is that our work is as much or more about people as it is about buildings and places. We hope to contribute to a sense of belonging for all of our residents.”

Peter Robertson Jr. – Parks: “I really enjoy providing a well-maintained and aesthetically pleasing place for people to relax or recreate. I love driving through our parks and seeing community members enjoying themselves. Nothing is better than when a person comes up to you and thanks you for impacting their experience.”

Selina Lujan – Environmental Services: “My department and service area not only care for their employees by creating a safe space to explore, grow, engage and be vulnerable, but also care about the impact that our work has on the Fort Collins community. The dedication to the work within the Environmental Services Department can be seen and felt.”

SeonAh Kendall – Economic Health: “My favorite thing about working for the City is that I learn something new every day. Our businesses are amazing, resilient community members that open their doors and hearts to us – sharing their ups and downs. I am proud to work for the City and the Sustainability Service Area that values environmental, human and economic resiliency.”

Wendy Serour – Utilities Customer Connections: “In my various roles with the City, I’ve served as a conduit between our internal service areas and our commercial customers – I love connecting the dots between our customers’ needs and the services our organization provides.”

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