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Park Planning & Development

City Park Tomorrow#

2019 Master Plan

2019 Master Plan

For generations, City Park has been a special place where a rich diversity of people gather, recreate, create memories, and connect with nature and others in meaningful ways. As the park has aged, it has adapted to meet changes in community needs over time. A voter-approved and funded ballot initiative to make improvements to aging community parks allows for improvements to City Park to be made.

A master plan for refreshing the park over time was developed based on significant input over the past four years from the community, City Council, and the Parks & Recreation Board. Using existing funds, the City Park Restroom project will include a new main restroom and sidewalk improvements. The City Park Restroom is the only improvement currently funded at City Park.

Building on Basics Ballot Initiative Passes

Voters approve a ballot initiative to make improvements to keep our parks useful, enjoyable, and attractive. 

Capital Improvement Ballot Initiative Passes

Voters approved a ballot initiative to bring back the City Park train in a new, expanded location in City Park.

Community Outreach

Community meetings and events were held to share the history of City Park, how the park is used, project goals, and preliminary improvement concepts and to collect community feedback. 

Work Session

At a work session, City Council’s discussion of park refresh included: reasons to update parks, a six-step park refresh process, preliminary budgets to refresh our four oldest community parks, and identification of City Park as a pilot for a park refresh.

Master Plan Development

City staff worked with technical advisors to evaluate various improvements ideas. A preliminary master plan was developed based on prior work and community feedback. Community input on the preliminary master plan was collected at several meetings and online. 

Community Outreach

Outreach efforts were conducted to refine the definition of and process for park refresh. Strategies included an online survey and in-person interviews throughout the community. 

Community Design Workshop

Twenty-nine community members participated in a 2-day community engagement design workshop to learn more about the history of City Park and to work in small groups to develop park improvement plans. 

City Park Tomorrow Open House, Stage 1

An exhibit showcased City Park's past, present, and future, including the park designs from the Community Engaged Design Workshop. Visitors were asked to share feedback on plans, as well as their City Park memories. 

Online Community Outreach

The City Park Tomorrow exhibit is now available on this site so that the community can provide additional feedback on the park concepts. Please share your story on the Stories tab and provide feedback on the concepts through the survey. 

City Park Tomorrow Open House, Stage 2

The City Park Tomorrow exhibit traveled to the Senior Center so that the community could provide additional feedback on the park concepts.

Design Workshop Follow-up

Design workshop participants will have an opportunity to provide feedback on park plan and phasing options. 

Video Update

Watch a video update about City Park Tomorrow, from its history to the present, and learn more about next steps.

Work Session

The City will host a work session with City Council to share feedback collected from residents and to share the park master plan and phasing options.  

Design of Phase 1 Project
Construction of Phase 1 Project