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Civic Center Parking Structure

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The City of Fort Collins took the lead on the construction of the parking garage in Fort Collins. Funding came from the City of Fort Collins, Larimer County and the Fort Collins Downtown Development Authority. The City selected Hensel-Phelps as the contractor to design and build the parking structure.

The civic center parking structure is a 5 level, 905 space public parking structure with commercial stores at the street level. The parking facility provides parking for monthly parking customers as well as the general public. The structure accommodates parking for the courthouse, existing public entities, as well as adjacent retail and business establishments.

Maintaining the masonry building tradition of Fort Collins, the design incorporates several urban design elements such as: a recognizable base, appropriate scale, vertical window openings, staggered cornices etc. The 15,890 square foot commercial area will encourage pedestrian activity throughout the block. The design will accommodate a restaurant or eatery and several quality commercial establishments. Pedestrian access to the "Opera Galleria" mall will also be provided. Upon completion, the civic center parking structure will fill a functional need for the city as well as contribute to the rich urban heritage of Fort Collins.