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Operation Services - Facility Services Operation#

Facilities Profile - Who We Are and What We Do#

Facility Services is a service organization with the responsibility of maintaining most City owned facilities in an operating and useful condition. Facility Services is people, with 25 employees with a variety of skills, all having the same objective - to serve the City, providing employees and citizen with a comfortable and functional enviornment.

Our organization has four work units - Building Maintenance Services, Custodial Services, Project Management and Space Planning Services, and Administration Support Services.

Organizational Chart (PDF)

Building Maintenance Services#

Maintains City facilities mechanically, electrically and structurally. This includes regular and preventative maintenance and repair of building systems. They also provide support services such as pest control, moving furniture, refuse removal, snow removal, access control and energy management. Typical work ranges from the simple to the complex, ie., changing lights and fixing leaking faucets to HVAC repairs and office remodels.

Project Management Planning & Design#

Provides the professional design, space management, and project management support required for the construction, renovation and maintenance/repair of City facilities. Services provided include space use programming, budgeting, contract document administration, progress reviews, work inspections, and contract payments.

Administrative Services#

Provides support to the other three work groups. Those services include financial management, personnel administration and record keeping, clerical and secretarial support, reception, general filing, and web page development and upkeep.

Custodial Services#

Maintains interior building appearance and sanitary conditions of our buildings. These services are performed via contract and are overseen by our Custodial Services Administrator.