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Lincoln Center Addition and Renovation

Lincoln Center, Click to view enlarged image

  • Began project June 2010
  • Completed November 2011
  • $5.5 million Project


  • Creating a new exterior design image for the Lincoln Center with more clearly defined and identifiable entrances.
  • Enlarging and enhancing the lobbies, corridors and other public gathering areas, creating a fresh, new interior design with improved acoustics, lighting and way-finding signage and graphics.
  • Redesigning the sculpture garden, reorganizing the space to be more open and inviting from the street, improving access to the Lincoln Center's primary entrances, and creating an exterior space that allows flexibility of use and enhances the design image of the Lincoln Center.
  • Redesigning the Mini-Theater, with a reconfigured seating layout for improved sight lines, improved patron comfort and better circulation through the theater.
  • Redesigning the Canyon West and Columbine Rooms and adding badly needed storage and user amenities to help reposition these important revenue spaces for increased use.
  • Major acoustic improvements to the Performance Hall.
  • Installation of and additional elevator.