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Free Downloadable GIS Data#

The City of Fort Collins is committed to providing GIS data and maps, as cost-effectively as possible to the public. The GIS division currently maintains a website that allows free search and view functions for several datasets. In an effort to expand this service, the GIS Division is also providing some of the more frequently requested datasets on a cloud based open data platform. These datasets are provided as is and are subject to our standard liability disclaimer. All datasets will be updated regularly and most of them cover an area of approximately 125 square miles from Douglas Road on the North to one mile south of County Road 32 on the South, and from Horsetooth Reservoir on the West to ½ mile east of County Road 5 on the East.

Cloud Based Open data portal

The datasets available for download at this time will be the following:

Addresses – Address Point Feature class.

Annexations – Annexation Feature class with dates and ordinance numbers.

Bike Dismount Areas – Areas within the city where bicyclists must dismount.

Bike Facilities – Bicycle facilities with comfort classification and traffic stress.

City Limits - A polygon shapefile of land area annexed by the City of Fort Collins.

Hydrology - Line – Water features collected as lines off of April 1999 aerial photography.

Hydrology - Polygon – Water features collected as polygons off of April 1999 aerial photography.

Liquor Licenses – Point location feature class of liquor licenses within Fort Collins.

Natural Areas – City and County owned and/or managed Natural Areas for the area around Fort Collins.

Natural Habitat and Features Inventory – Habitat inventory taken from the April 1999 aerial photography used for land use planning and development.

Parcels – A polygon feature class that includes parcel numbers.

Street Centerlines – A single line street feature class with address ranges, street names etc.

Topo – Two foot contour feature class of the City area. Collected in 1999 (NGVD 29)

Trails – City of Fort Collins trail features. Both paved and soft surface.

Zoning – City of Fort Collins Land Use Code zone designation areas.

Other information that is collected and maintained by the GIS Division continues to be available in printed formats. Please check the website, or contact the GIS Division.